• We Offer a Beautiful and Easy to Use Patient Mobile and Web App Platform for Women's Health Clinics

    Increase patient engagement to drive revenue and enhance long term loyalty

  • About Us

    How We Got Started

    Womb was founded in early 2015 and made Portland, OR our headquarters. Our initial goal was to use modern patient facing technology to fill gaps in care that happen in between clinic visits- with a focus on postpartum care. In doing so we'd offer better support and experiences for families.

    Womb Today

    While we felt we were on to something, we also worried about contributing to the fragmented care that exists today. People trust their primary medical provider and want resources from them- not 3rd parties.


    In 2018, we realized the best use of our healthcare business and technology assets would be to partner with independent health clinics. In doing so we'd create a hybrid approach that represents the best of in-person and digital care.


    Today, we work with large national clinics such as Axia Women's Health- but also make our technology available to the smallest of practices. We make it easy for you to work with us. No long sales meetings with unclear timelines and costs. If you want extra help and guidance on how to maximize your clinic's finances, patient experiences and operations- we're here to talk! We hope you explore this site and take some time to learn more about how Womb can help you.

  • Patient App Features

    Here are some of the things we offer.

    You can choose one or more of the below features to increase clinic revenue and loyalty.

    Digital Education

    Articles & Videos

    Our platform lets you upload your patient education and clinic information into a patient app. Articles and videos are supported. Organize them into categories and attach photos. It's a great way to increase patient knowledge which translates to better health and reduced clinic staff time.

    Push Notifications

    Take Action

    Set up custom push notifications to get your patients to act- whether it's to schedule an annual well woman exam or to pay a bill.


    Feedback & Monitoring

    Create custom questionnaires with checkboxes, multiple choice, linear scale, pain scale and open text answers. Get alerts when a patient enters a value that has a flag attached to it.

    Patient Chat

    A Modern Communications Platform

    We know you depend on visits for revenue. We don't take that away. Our chat app is a great way to reduce back and forth phone calls between staff and patients and to follow up after a procedure to reduce non billable interactions and staff time.

  • Partner Network

    Select from best in class specialized solutions and add them to your patient app platform.

    Content Libraries

    Want to outsource your patient education? We've partnered with a leader in clinical education that has thousands of doctor reviewed articles and videos across all major health categories.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Our platform connects to a leading company specializing in patient scheduling. Since patients are already authenticated in our app- all it takes is a tap of a button to schedule with your providers.

    Billing & Payments

    Present patient statements, collect online payments and help patients finance large balances all in the app. Reduce your bad debt, A/R balance and improve your cash flow.

  • Custom Apps

    Have a special use case? Want to create something unique that no other clinic has? We can design and develop according to your specifications. You own the code and can build off it.

    Axia Women's Health

    Enhanced Recovery After C-Section (ERAS) Program

    Axia wanted a modern tech platform to increase use and engagement of their patented ERAS program, the brainchild of Chief Medical Officer Elizabeth Cherot, MD. ERAS helps ease and smooth recovery after a C-Section. It's been proven to reduce hospital length of stay and usage of opioids. ERAS is available for licensing by clinics and hospitals. Use it to improve patient health, satisfaction, and in obtaining value based care payments from insurers.

  • We Serve Independent Health Clinics

    From how easy it is to work with us- to our affordable and flexible pricing options- we built this for you.

    Integration & Reporting

    No integrations or IT resources are needed to start with Womb. Our Starter Plan come with an on-demand reporting feature. We can integrate with your EMR or other solutions if there's a business case for it. APIs are the most common integration method.


    Our solutions are hosted on HIPAA compliant Amazon Web Services servers. We can accommodate millions of records without sacrificing performance.

    Affordable Price

    Any clinic can get started for only $1 per patient per month. Even custom app solutions are typically less expensive than the average US development shop.

    HIPAA Compliant

    We only work in the healthcare industry. Our technology is built with password controls, time outs, data encryption, redundancy, and other security and privacy methods. 

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

    We offer specialized features for your expecting families including educational content by week, remote health trackers and even a virtual support network of non-medical professionals.

  • How It Works

    We make the process easy, simple and clear for you. No delayed implementations or budget overruns.


    Discovery & Demo

    We want to respect your time- but like to have a zoom meeting to understand your goals and what's on your wish list. During this time we'll demo any features you're especially interested in.


    Choose a Plan

    Choose from our Starter Plan- an easy, quick and affordable way to license popular features. Or- pay more to get additional features, integrations and custom work you can own.


    Sign Paperwork

    We'll present you with a standard Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and a Master Services Agreement.


    Get Started!

    If you select our Starter Plan, we'll provide you with a url for your admin web app and a url for your patient web app. For Pro Plans and above we'll upload and then manage your patient iOS app to the Apple App Store and your Android app to the Google Play store.

  • Choose a Plan

    Or contact us to help you pick the right plan for your clinic

    Starter Plan

    Easy to get started


    Per patient per month

    Web app only

    Your custom branding

    Upload your educational content

    Create custom notifications

    Collect info in app questionnaires

    On-demand reporting

    No set up fees or long contracts


    Pro Plan

    Add mobile apps and expanded features

    Ask for Quote

    Starter plus:

    iOS and Android mobile app

    Secure patient chat

    Select from partner network

    API based integrations

    Custom Plan

    We'll design and build to your specs

    Ask for Quote

    Pro plan plus:

    Custom software features

    Custom integrations

  • Leadership Team

    Our people lead teams specializing in digital design, software development, and overall project management.

    Brian Klem


    Brian has 17+ years of healthcare business experience with companies including Pfizer, Dexcom plus a handful of successful health tech startups.

    Usman Zubair


    Usman is a former Microsoft engineer who leads a team of iOS, Android, and MEAN stack engineers. He's completed 10+ successful projects through Womb and his software development company, DevFactori

    Shannon & Alex Pasco

    Design Team

    Shannon and Alex run a digital design studio, Unexplored. They work with clients to tell authentic stories, evolve brands and products, and create design experiences.

    Craig Froude


    Craig is a seasoned healthcare executive. He's the VP of Strategy at PipelineRx, a clinical telepharmacy company. An entrepreneur, Craig founded Wellmed which was acquired by WebMD. Today he also advises and invests in health startups.

  • "Our mobile application was developed to target women undergoing cesarean sections and provide a digital experience."


    "The project was delivered on time and on budget, which is one of the biggest things you can ask for. We anticipate rolling this out to patients in the next two months."

    Peter Spivack

    Chief Information Officer

    Axia Women's Health

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